You may have heard the phrase: “Are you working ON or IN your business?”

All too often as business owners we are faced with such a stream of urgent things to do that we don’t get a chance to step back and ask ourselves this important question. So, what is the difference between working “on” your business and working “in” your business?

I do not own the copyright for the cartoon shown at the top of this page, it was passed on to me by a friend who sourced it in the Harvard Business Review, although if anyone knows who the cartoonist is then please let me know so I can give the proper credit.

It sums up the idea perfectly: We are so busy working in our business and getting done what we think needs doing, that we don’t make time for ourselves to work ON our business and address areas that could be obvious to others.

Working with Business Owners to Grow to the Next Level.

All of the greatest athletes and stellar performers in any field have achieved their best results by surrounding themselves with a specialist team of Coaches, Mentors and Support staff. It makes sense that you draw on a network of people with vast skills and experience to fill gaps that would take too long to learn if you had to experience the same mistakes for yourself.

I chat to business owners and this is what I hear:

• “It’s harder than I thought it would be”
• “It’s taking longer than I thought”
• “Cashflow is an issue”
• “My P&L says I’m making a profit, but I don’t see it in my bank account”
• “I’m stressed and working long hours”
• “Pricing is a problem in my industry”

Any yet these owners feel like they have a good business but they just don’t know how to take it to the next level.

Connect with me to learn how you can take back control of your future.

Watch Simon Sinek in the video below and then ask yourself this key question and see where the answer leads you. Perhaps it’s time to step back and lean on the experience of a Business Advisor to help you see what your business is missing and what you need to be working ON!


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