Paul Manning – Perth’s Profit Mentor and among Perth’s Best Business Coaches

Paul Manning, recently recognised in Australia’s Best Business Coaches Magazine.

Paul Manning – Australia’s Best – Business Coaches Magazine

Paul Manning – Profit Mentor

Paul Manning is an accomplished Speaker and Presenter – delivering group coaching sessions as well as one-to-one mentoring. With significant experience assisting SME businesses to grow, working closely with them as a “profit mentor” and confidante to make more profit and provide the freedom that owners’ dream of. Follow the link to access a free book and e-book version available for download

ProfitMentor free e-book: Profit Strategies in 45 Minutes

Paul Manning – Approved Board Advisor

Paul is accredited with the Advisory Board Centre as an Approved Advisor, assisting businesses as an independent and impartial advisor when the directors require specialist or professional expertise in a formalised Advisory Board capacity.

Very often it is far more sensible for smaller businesses to engage expert short-term services, especially for a particular project, rather than appoint permanent or full-time resources into the business.

Paul Manning Approved Advisor with Advisory Board Centre

Paul Manning – Business Foundations – Change Management Course presenter and facilitator.

Engaged to present and deliver the Change Management course content for the Business Foundations Growth Owner and Growth Manager training days. This is a full-day session as one part of a 10-part business improvement course hosted by a Government-funded NFP.

Paul Manning – Business Foundations – Change Management course