I am blessed to have worked with many fantastic people who have been able to take great positive strides in growing their business by spending time with me to develop # Strategic Plans and take them on a journey with the #Profit Mentor!

Here is a small sample of the feedback from a some of those who were kind enough to voluntarily put their thoughts in writing:

Family Plumbing Business established and operating for over 15 years:

Referrals from the Bark.com website:

Industrial and Retail Distribution business.

“The point or purpose originally for me with getting a business coach on board, was to probably host and regulate the director catch ups and making the three of us accountable to each other. At the beginning, Nach and I would often clash and not see eye to eye. 110% that has changed. Not only with Nach and I, but I think all three of us. We are a much stronger team, much better and communicating and being accountable and I 100% credit having you there for that.

DISC profiling was great for the three of us, also with culture, discussions on selling, growing, expanding, risk assessment, diversifying etc. Been great. But also we had all that while going from about 15-20 jobs a week to now over 60 jobs a week. So that has been great.

…so we’re using a lot of what we know, have learnt from you, books, audio books etc and the four of us, I feel can comfortably sit down and work out the best answers and plans…

Again mate, everything has been awesome, learnt so much and appreciate everything you have done. Hope this all makes sense. 100% got what we set out to achieve by getting you on board.”

– Jason S.

Print Wholesale and Supply

  • What are the real tangible results you got from working with me? Being a family business we often had individual ideas on how we see the business and the future of the business, having someone like yourself helped to structure the ideas in view of the one goal. Without this I don’t believe we would have achieved what we achieved!
  • What sort of impact did that have? From the period of late 2017 to the end of 2018 we were able to grow the business by 25% and have a clear view of what the future could be.
  • So, if you were listening to somebody else talk about what we did, what would you need to have heard to realise that was what you needed? Smaller owner operated business or family business that has got caught up in the whirlwind of daily business, largely fighting fires rather than working on the business creating a foundation for long term business growth.

James S.

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