Increasing revenues almost fourfold over 4 years


The Challenge

Western Australia is a massive state with a sparse population. It has abundant resources but very often these are miles from anywhere with any infrastructure, or supporting business operations. When the WA resource boom took off, the small towns nearest to these mine and mineral sites also boomed, and this lead to a construction boom in small regional centres like Port Headland. With construction and building, of course, goes adherence to building codes and Australian Standards. One standard was unusual and particular to the region – and that was the need to build structures capable of withstanding Cyclones. This part of Australia is in the so-called Region-D area that is susceptible to major tropical storms.

The Solution

We quickly identified a niche to satisfy the building codes particularly in the sub-contracts for glazing and windows. Our strategy was to aggressively market to this niche and we rapidly established our reputation as the leading resource for depth of knowledge and supply of product to conform to the demanding standards of cyclone rated buildings.

Delivering solutions to our customers in these regions required establishment of a sub-branch, and project management to facilitate the increased logistical challenges of remote site-work, and so a part of our strategy was to roll out the resources and supporting infrastructure to manage the rapid growth that we experienced.

The Benefits

There were many benefits to owning the niche and being able to demonstrate a consistent quality for project delivery. Among these additional benefits was the opportunity to build relationships with contractors that had not previously been in a position to test and acknowledge our service. Subsequently other tenders and project sub-contracts were successfully won and delivered, but only as a result of being able to showcase past performance.