Working on bankable solutions to $20 Problems.

Wrapping up the Thursday morning WORKROOM session with Dewald (Dev) Visagie of PerthGrow Finance, Paul Cohalan of Connect Business Insurance, Garth Davis of Property Powerhouse and Gerald Richards FAMI, CPM. of 3X5X7.

– We looked at 3 hurdles to Implementation of bankable results in SMEs

– Uncovered the 5 Hot Principles of Implementation

– Identified areas of improvement with “The Mixing Desk”

– Uncovered Jackie Chan’s greatest philosophy!…?


– Worked on over $270K worth of business improvement opportunities right here in the local community.

That means these guys were implementing actual sessions, systems, and schedules to get this value BANKABLE in their businesses.

What did YOU do to bank $20k in your business in the first 90 minutes of Thursday morning….?

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Our next session is a Planning CLASSROOM on July 19 …. “Frame your Future”

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